Experience the beautiful town of Bale

The small, historical town Bale is located close to the west shore of the Istrian penninsula and the beautiful Adriatic sea. With a low population it offers peace and quiet even during the busy summer days. Built on a hill, guarded by a fortress and surrounded by vineyards and olive groves this charming medieval town has everything you need for a wonderful vacation in Istria. Narrow, winding streets will take you on a journey through the past and each stone house has many secrets just waiting to be unraveled.

Discover Istria

Croatian region rich with history, fertile soil and breathtaking landscapes, its called Croatian Tuscany for a reason. She will mesmerize you and provide rest for all the senses while being beautiful in each season of the year
Whether it is you want to visit central Istria where Motovun certainly is an unevitable stop on your way to Roč, Hum and Kotli, an abandoned but certainly not forgotten village or you wish to explore the charms of southern Istria where Pula and the amphitheater along with Rt Kamenjak are certainly work visiting, Bale are an excellent starting point to explore every nook of the Istrian penninsula. With many bicycle paths through forests and along the old railway line, Istria has everything you need for an active holiday, and one of the bike trails actually passes through Bale.
Still havent packed? Then the local cuisine will definitely inspire you. Do not miss the small taverns with fantastic Istrian dishes such as prosciutto, various types of cheese, beef stew with pljukanci, and all of this is almost always crowned with a truffle, as the pride of Istria.